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Gacrux is also considered the nearest red giant to Earth, at a distance of roughly 88 light years. Based on the star’s spectral type of M4III , Gacrux’s colour and type is red giant star. Gacrux apparent magnitude is 1.59, this is a measure of the brightness of the star as seen from Earth. If you used the 1997 Parallax value, Gacrux absolute magnitude is -0.56 If you used the 2007 Parallax value, Gacrux absolute magnitude is -0.58.

To put this in context, the temperature of our Sun is about 5,778 Kelvin as said by Google. No one has visited Gacrux and we have no probes on a rendezvous with the star. Important DisclaimerNone of the content on this website is considered as financial advice or any other advice.

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Database referencesSIMBADdataGacrux it is the third-brightest star in the southern constellation of Crux, the Southern Cross. It has the Bayer designation Gamma Crucis, which is Latinised from γ Crucis and abbreviated Gamma Cru or γ Cru. With an apparent visual magnitude of +1.63, it is the https://cryptolisting.org/ 26th brightest star in the night sky. A line from the two “Pointers”, Alpha Centauri through Beta Centauri, leads to within 1° north of this star. Using parallax measurements made during the Hipparcos mission, it is located at a distance of 88.6 light-years (27.2 parsecs) from the Sun.

Users will be able to rent the product they create or own from 15 days to 6 months period. The best time of year to observe the stars and deep sky objects in Crux is during the month of May, when the constellation is prominent in the evening sky. Gacrux can also be used to find the star cluster NGC 4337, one of the older open clusters in the Milky Way’s inner disk. The cluster is located in the region between Gacrux and Imai, Delta Crucis, the right star of the Southern Cross.

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  • Gacrux is the 25th brightest star in the night sky and the 4th brightest star in Crux based on the Hipparcos 2007 apparent magnitude.
  • Gacrux is classified as a semi-regular variable star with multiple pulsation periods in the range from 12.1 to 104.9 days and amplitude changes from 0.015 to 0.027 magnitudes.
  • A line from the two “Pointers”, Alpha Centauri through Beta Centauri, leads to within 1° north of this star.
  • While it is invisible to most northern observers, the Southern Cross plays an important part in many cultures in the southern hemisphere.
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Elizabeth is also a post-secondary instructor in communications and science since 2015. Elizabeth first got interested in space after watching the movie Apollo 13 in 1996, and still wants to be an astronaut someday. The people of Aranda and Luritja tribe around Hermannsburg, Central Australia named Iritjinga, “The Eagle-hawk”, a quadrangular arrangement comprising Gacrux, Delta Crucis , Gamma Centauri and Delta Centauri .


Rotating your screen maybe sufficient to see the Stellar values for comparison. There is a relationship between colour and temperature, stars that are closer to red in the rainbow spectrum are cooler whereas those closer to blue are hotter. Those that are blue stars are normally identified as being young stars whereas redder stars are usually older stars, ones that are at the end of their life. An example of when its a Blue Straggler, the star has stolen matter from a nearby star and grown to appear youthful when its not.

The red giant branch is the evolutionary stage of low-to-intermediate mass stars that follows the main sequence, but before helium ignition occurs. However, Gacrux may have also already gone through the helium burning stage and it may now be moving up the AGB as a “second-ascent” giant. Gacrux is one of the four stars that form the Southern Cross, one of the most prominent asterisms in the southern celestial hemisphere. It is the northernmost star of the Cross and its red colour stands out in contrast to the blue-white Acrux, Mimosa and Imai.

The Variable Type is usually named after the first star of that type to be spotted. Gacrux brightness ranges from a magnitude of 1.677 to a magnitude of 1.592 over its variable period. There is a star that is about two minutes of arc from Gacrux, but it’s not a companion; both Kaler and Darling said this is only a line-of-sight coincidence from Earth. Astronomers, however, are considering that Gacrux could have a white dwarf that is nearby, but wouldn’t be visible with technology we currently have. Absolute Magnitude is the apparent magnitude of the star from a distance of 10 parsecs or 32.6 light years.

Gacrux is located in the Milky Way galaxy, this is the galaxy that you reside in. In case you’re wondering, Gacrux is not located within the Solar System, there is only one star in the Solar System and that is the Sun. The company plans to distribute 50% of the 2 million RUX tokens allocated for the Event. During the first twelve months of the collection campaign, the team will distribute tokens to those who successfully complete the NFT collection. Decentralized ownership allows customers to create and trade their own assets within the platform.

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Your leased NFT products can’t be leased again until the lease term expires. The temporary new owner can’t sell the leased NFT product,but it is may lease again for a lower period. With the GACRUX leasing future,NFT aims to increase the popularity of products while increasing their value. Low commission rates.Zero transfer fees thanks to the RUX network to be created in the future.

Mach 1 is the speed of sound, Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound. Corncorde before it was retired was the fastest commercial airline across the Atlantic and only one that could do Mach 2. The New Horizons space probe is the fastest probe that we’ve sent into space at the time of writing. Its primary mission was to visit Pluto which at the time of launch , Pluto was still a planet. The time it will take to travel to this star is dependent on how fast you are going.

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Soon after the Terran Alliance collapsed, Gacrux joined the Federation of Skye. The Gacrux system was colonized during the First Exodus from Terra and prior to the formation of the Lyran Commonwealth. Artist will be able to bring their unique works of art to art lovers by paying very low commissions. Contact form, Chat icon on the bottom right corner or WhatsApp in the bottom left corner. We will see together what is your desired course or identify the one that your Company is requesting. There’s no register feature and no need to give an email address if you don’t need to.

gacrux nft

The Coalsack Nebula, visible between Acrux and Mimosa, covers an area of roughly 5 by 7 degrees and overlaps into the constellations Musca and Centaurus. In ancient times, the Southern Cross stars were visible north of latitude 40°N. However, due to the Earth’s axial precession, they have sunk below the horizon for most northern observers.

Sigma Octantis , the nearest visible star to the pole, has an apparent magnitude of 5.47 and is barely visible even in good conditions. The star’s faintness makes it less useful than its northern counterpart Polaris, Alpha Ursae Minoris, for locating true south. The southern celestial pole can be found by extending an imaginary line from Gacrux through Acrux and drawing another line at a right angle to the imaginary line connecting the Southern Pointers. Gacrux is a red giant of the spectral type M3.5 III. It has a mass about 1.5 times that of the Sun and has expanded to a size of 84 solar radii.


Thanks to the Gacrux.io platform, artists and creators will be able to bring their unique works of art to art lovers and pay very low commissions in the process. The star’s atmosphere is enriched with barium, which typically indicates mass transfer from a more evolved companion which will eventually become a white dwarf, but a physical companion has not been discovered yet. There may be a white dwarf companion, but it has so far gone undetected. There is only a magnitude 6.4 line-of-sight companion, a white class A star, visible in binoculars at a separation of 2 arcminutes, but located about four times further away. Users supporting this project will have the opportunity to win tokens by inviting their friends. Each person they invite will receive bonus tokens equal to 10 percent of their deposited amount along with the users.

Scientists are also trying to figure out what evolutionary stage Gacrux is at. Kaler said it’s possible the star could one day move to a “pulsating variable” similar to the star Mira, in the constellation Cetus . “Yet those who needed the stars to find their way, the old navigators, also needed quick names for some of the stars and just made them up. “Gacrux” is a prime example of such a star.” The four main stars of the Southern Cross are Acrux , bottom; Becrux , left; Gacrux , top; and Delta Crucis, right. In 3104, the leadership of the shadowy organization known as the Brotherhood of Cincinnatus was destroyed on Gacrux.

As a result, they will be able to interact and learn from experienced users in a secure environment. ContactFounded in 2016 Gavstar.com helps millions of people research financial data, historical pricing, latest news on all equities, assets and cryptocurrencies to help you in your investment and trading decisions. During the Jihad, Gacrux gacrux nft was attacked by forces loyal to the Free Worlds League. These FWLM units were tricked into attacking the world after Word of Blake forces struck them under false colors. This attack led to Gacrux’s defenders being hopelessly outnumbered when the Word of Blake arrived later and offered Gacrux a place in the Word of Blake Protectorate.

Its stars are represented on the flags of Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Papua New Guinea and Samoa. On the flag of Brazil, each star represents a Brazilian Federative Unit and Gacrux symbolizes the state of Bahia. Kaler said the star’s location in the Southern Hemisphere, where historically there have not been a lot of telescopes, means it is probably less known than it should be. The star is rare among bright-eye stars in that it is a red giant, he said. Most bright stars in Earth’s sky tend to be white, blue or orange. The star is a Irregular variable type which means that its size changes over time.

Any terms and conditions entered into by contributors in respect of the acquisition of Tokens are between them and the issuer of the Token and ICOholder is not the seller of such Tokens. ICOholder has no legal responsibility for any representations made by third parties in respect of any Token sale and any claim for breach of contract must also be made directly against the Token issuing entity listed herein. Gacrux.io ; It’s a unique platform that allows you to sell or rent your movies,music,games,visuals,series and more NFTs you produce, thanks to the RUX token. Using the most recent figures given by the 2007 Hipparcos data, Gacrux distance from Earth is 88.56 light years. When you look at Gacrux, you are in fact looking back in time, you are seeing how it looks years ago. Roughly, change the distance from light years to years, that will tell you how long ago we are looking at the star.